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The BBC created a fabulous video for their Olympic coverage and commissioned Elbow to write the theme.

I fell in love with the music it always brings me out in goosebumps and fills me with pride.

Below is Elbow's video and the song lyrics

The lyrics are

First Steps

The sun, the moon
Both turn for you.
And through your days
Will light your way.

Our strength and love
All in your blood
Our hope and pride
All in your eyes.

Your eyes.
Your eyes.

You shape our world
With every step.
Oh, the will to fly
Is in your eyes.

Our strength and love
All in your blood.
Our hope and pride
All in your eyes.

Your eyes.
Your eyes.
Your eyes.

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Tim Baillie and Ettienne Stott have won the gold medal in the Men's Canoe Double slalom with 106:41 with their team mates David Florence and Richard Hounslow close behind in Silver medal position with 106:77

Well done boys Nottingham and the UK are proud of you


Shooting! Well done Peter Wilson! taking the Gold in Men's Double Trap shooting

Well done
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Michael Jamieson wins SILVER in the men's 200m breaststroke final with a time of 2:07.43

Well done Micheal super swimming
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TeamGB's Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome have finished the cycling road time trials

Bradley Wiggins the reighning Tour de France champion made British Olympic history as he claimed the gold medal in the men's time trial to become the most decorated man in British Olympic history with 7 medals. His time was 50:39.54

Germany's Tony Martin the curent world champion finished in second place to take the silver with a time of 51:21.54 and Chris Froome took the bronze with 51:47.87.

Well done TeamGB


Knighthood and Sports Personality of the year methinks
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Women's Pair Helen Glover and Heather Stanning in rowing event has brought home a beautiful GOLD medal for TeamGB and the first gold medal for Great Britain in these games

Well done girls UK rowing history has been made and in fabulous style too. A magnificent row.
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Nottinghamshires darling Rebecca Adlington won a bronze medal in her least favoured event in the second Olympic games to go along with her two gold medals from 4 years ago. Later this week she will swim in her favoured event 800 metres.

Good luck Becky, Everyone here in Nottinghamshire is cheering you on and we are so proud of you.

I would also like to spare a note to the GB canoe team who are all alumni of Nottingham University and train in Nottingham.

Go Team GB go!!!

Good luck everyone.
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On Friday I watched the Opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics in awe and wonder and feeling so ver, very proud to be British with such a wonderful show.

It showed the best of British from the music to children’s literature, film industry to historical Idustrial innovation. It was funny, it was eccentric, it was touching and bright cheery and lots of fun. The music was fabulous although I got to admit that Sir Paul McCartney is having atrouble with his voice as he seemed rather out of tune. I would have much prefered Elton John or David Bowie but the whole event was breathtaking.

I got goosebumps all the way through the event but when Team GB came through the tunnel to the sound of David Bowies Heroes, I had tears in my eyes.

With amusing highlights like Mr Bean’s interpretation of Chariots of Fire, and the Queen’s entrance with James Bond, I even heard during the NHS and Great Ormond Street Hospital section the sound of Dr Who’s Tardis.

Many people did not think the UK could pull of a fabulous show. Well if you follow the link This is a linkBBC iPlayer website where the full 4 hours BBC coverage of the event can be seen

Personally, I think Danny Boyle pulled off a wonderful extravaganza opne that the whole of Britain can be proud of.
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Dancing Cop Entertains Olympic Crowd
Dancing Cop Entertains Olympic Crowd

An English police officer pulls off an impromptu performance and shows off his best dance moves for the crowd as they waited for the Olympic torch to make its way towards them.

Shared from MSN UK  Video by: Jokeroo

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Some more Olympic icons for you to use









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I saw this fabulous BBC trailer for the Olympic Games today. There are so amazing graphics on it


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It was announced today that the Olympic torch will visit Nottingham on its journey around the UK in June 2012.

The torch will stop overnight in the city on 28 June 2012, with Nottingham City Council hosting an evening of celebration. The torch relay will set off from the Robin Hood Statue at Nottingham Castle the following morning on its way to Derbyshire.

Some of the places the torch is to visit Newstead Abbey, Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre in Edwinstowe, the National Watersports Centre, West Bridgford, Victoria Embankment in the Meadows where I grew up before heading for the overnight stop at the National Ice Centre at Nottingham Arena It will begin its journey to Derbyshire from the Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle on 29 June.

I hope to be able to see it that day as it passes through my home


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