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Dedicated to the brave men and women past and present from the Armed Services who represent Nottinghamshire and the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Taken in 2013 & 2014 at Victoria Embankment and Wollaton Hall.

Sky Mirror

Aug. 13th, 2014 12:59 pm
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Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror is a piece of public art commissioned by the Nottingham Playhouse from artist Anish Kapoor that stands outside the theatre in Wellington Circus, Nottingham.

It took six years from the initial idea for a major new piece of public art to the unveiling of Sky Mirror on 27 April 2001, and cost £900,000. At the time, it was the most expensive piece of civic art funded by the National Lottery.

Sky Mirror

The artwork itself, which was manufactured in Finland, is a six-metre wide concave dish of polished stainless steel weighing ten tonnes and angled up towards the sky. It reflects the ever changing environment, season to season, day and night.

His other works include ArcelorMittal Orbit
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Little Rosie's Doll in the haunted cellars of the Salutation Inn Nottingham

I went on a Ghost Walk from Nottingham's Salutation Inn towards the end we descended into the caves bar 60 feet below half way down was this doll supposedly belonging to the little 4 year old girl who is said to haunt the Inn
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Emett clock

The Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator, was installed in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham in 1973. This water powered musical clock was designed by Frederick Roland Emett who also designed the machines for the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When originally commissioned by Capital and Counties Property Company Ltd, this clock played Rameau's Gigue en rondeau II from the E-minor suite of his Pièces de Clavecin when striking the hour. The clock parts were made by Thwaites & Reed.

It is 23ft high and has become an icon of Nottingham.

Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator

Between its installation in 1973 and 2010, around £250,000 in coins had been thrown into the fountain.

It comprises a silver-white clock. The moving sculpture underneath consists of copper flowers whose petals open on striking. It contains a variety of animals playing musical instruments, that turn when the clock strikes, plus highly jewelled flowers and floral leaf stems. Three arms extend out, one flying fish, one squirrel and pram and a peacock rowing, as well as birds. The clock strikes every quarter hour

Emetts Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator

Due to the current refurbishment of Victoria Centre, the clock is on loan in Birmingham.

Other work by Emett can be seen in the Ontario Science Museum
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On 29 June 2013 Nottingham was the host to the National Armed Forces Day 2013 Event.

The day started with a a parade of more than 600 Service personnel, veterans and cadets marched from the Nottingham Castle to the Old Market Square where a Drumhead Ceremony took place with a fly over by the Red Arrows presided over by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester representing The Queen and Royal Family. The Market Square event concluded with a flypast of Typhoon aircraft over the Council House as the parade marched off.
Read more and see some pictures here )

Throughout the city were events to commemorate and pay tribute to the British Armed Forces. Of these events was the displays and events on the Victoria Embankment where you could met and see all the branches of the armed forces.

For me this was an amazing experience as the location of the event was in the area where I grew up, the playing fields were where I learned how to play field hockey at senior school, the River Trent was where I walked my dog. It was on my patch, my home and I felt so proud of that fact.

Mercian Regiment - Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

The large playing fields and the banks of the River Trent held equipment and vehicles for people to interact with. You could try CPR on an army medical dummy, see what how an army surgeon. Look inside a Sea King Helicopter or climb aboard a Typhoon Eurofighter or Chinook Helicopter.

Chinook - Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

The Mercian Regiment had a mass of equipment and vehicles in their section. You could try on the body armour and equipment, hold a rifle or hand gun, fire one of their big guns or climb aboard one of the vehicles. The rifle they were showing did not look real but it was, it was unloaded but still the real thing and very heavy. The 9mm Glock looked more like a toy than a real weapon, it was lighter than I expected but easy to handle. That was the first time I had touched a real gun, in the past in museums and whatnot I have only handled reproductions.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

One of the displays was the daily patrol field rations. A little stove, dried food packs, MRE type meals, chocolate, biscuits, crackers and dried fruit drinks that together with the 10 litres of water, their weapon and body armour make up the daily equipment pack weighing up to 80Kg. I will never moan about carrying groceries again.

24 Hour ration Pack Mercian Regiment

The Royal Marine sped along the river in their boats then invaded Victoria Embankment giving the crowds a little taste of the manoeuvers they go through.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013 - Royal Marines

The magnificent Battle of Britain Memorial flight over the events, proved to be an amazing airshow the like we have not seen in Nottingham in years. Firstly a solo Dakota flew low enough to almost touch the pilot, circling over the Meadows and Bridgford, then Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire, Hurricane in formation. Later, a Sea Fury and a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter circled and spead over the fields and river amazing everyone.

Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber and Hurricane planes

Also I saw the historical section where you saw the re-enactment groups, Romans, Vikings, middle ages, Crimea, Boar War & Zulu Wars, and WWI. Each group displaying with their mock battles and fights, the troops and defenders of this country throughout history. Also what life was like at home during the historical wars. How the women followed the men to provide the ancillary services.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

I was able to touch my own family history through some of these sections, my 3 time great grandfather was in Crimea and later in India during the Indian Mutiny. He was a member of the 11th HUSSARS (or Prince Albert's Own) Hussars, nicknamed The Cherry Pickers and was a survivor the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

My 2 time great grandfather was in the Boar War and fought in Southern Africa. Both my Great Grandfathers were both on the Somme in WWI as was my Great Uncle. My grandfather was in WWII, he was first in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force working alongside the merchant Navy in the Mediterranean before signing up as a member of the RAF and after the war when he demobbed he joined the TA (Territorial Army) and my father was a Sherwood Forester, (similar to The Canadian Grey and Simcoe Foresters,) he served in Malaya and Singapore during the police action and when he returned to the UK served in Northern Ireland which is now where the home base of the 2nd Battalion of the Mercian Regiment resides.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

I occurred to me halfway through the afternoon that I rather like seeing men in uniform and boy where there so really hot and good looking men, add the blue or green uniforms and no wonder I was feeling rather warm all afternoon.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

I spent the day surrounded by these brave men and women many of them local to Nottingham or with ties to the city such as the 2nd Battalion of the Mercian Regiment (formerly Worcester and Sherwood Foresters) and some from overseas like the diver from Canada and the sailor from Australia.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

Friendly, polite and courteous, with smiles and oodles of patience throughout my natter and questions.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

These photographs are dedicated to all those brave men and women throughout our history who have served our country proudly.

Armed Forces Day Nottingham 2013

We thank you for your bravery, your service and dedication. Best Wishes to you all. We are proud of you, Our Soldiers, Our Heroes.


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