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Get out of my face


Banged up and Bruised

Afternoon nap - Edited
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Chatsworth Statues, Chatsworth House Derbyshire


Victory, War Memorial on the Slopes in Buxton Derbyshire

Victory War Memorial on the Slopes, Buxton B&W

Toronto War Memorial, University Avenue, Toronto


Mining Memorial Kirkland Lake, Ontario


A Mighty Blow For Freedom, Lincoln, England

A Mighty Blow for Freedom Statue
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Get Out Of My Face

Get out of my face

NO I did not cause a confrontation and he wasn't actually mad. This lovely man is one of the local Big Issue sellers, he always has a smile and nice word to say to me. I always buy for one of the magazines from him and in exchange I get a photograph from him if I have my camera with me.

Medieval Potter

The Potter

Taken in the Old Market Square when we had a medieval market event a couple of years ago

US Air Force

US Air Force

Taken at the 1940's Knees up event at Brewhouse Yard Nottingham in 2010



Ladies of Light

Ladies of light

These ladies were dressed in costumes that lit up from within and walked around on stilts as part of the Nottingham Light Night event in 2012
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Picnic at Newark Castle

Picnic at Newark Castle

Rush Hour Shopper


Through the Fountain

Through the fountain

Waiting... and waiting

Waiting...and waiting

Jogging with the Dog

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The stone marking where Byron is buried at St Mary Magdelene Church in Hucknall in Nottinghamshire.

George Gordon (Lord) Byron

George Gordon (Lord) Byron

Boat on Lake Temagami, Ontario, Canada


The Sleeping Children statue by Francis Chantrey in Black & White

The Sleeping Children by Francis Chantrey (1817), portrays two young sisters, Ellen-Jane and Marianne Robinson, who died in tragically in 1812. This beautifyl tomb can be found in the magnificent Lichfield Cathedral

The Sleeping Children by Francis Chantrey in Black & White

At The Races

Taken at Doncaster Race Track, Doncaster, Yorkshire January 2009

Spectators - B&W

Light & Shadow

Taken in Old Market Square, Nottingham facing towards setting sun

Shadows and Light


Apr. 25th, 2012 07:51 pm
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One of my favourtie types of photographs is the monochrome shot

Here are a few I have taken

The Avro Vulcan B2 XM575 (G-BLMC)

The Avro Vulcan B2 XM575 (G-BLMC) at the East Midlands Aeropark

Length: 30.50.m (100ft 1in)
Wingspan: 33.83m (111ft)
Height: 8.29m (27ft 2in)

Power Plant: Four Rolls Royce (Bristol Olympus 301 turbojets) each rated at 20,000lb thrust
Maximum Speed: 645 mph
Ceiling: 19,812m (65,000ft)
Range: 5,500km (3,450 miles)

History of the Vulcan

The Avro Vulcan was part of the ‘V’ bomber force that along with the Vickers Valiant and the Handley Page Victor was designed to deliver the British nuclear bomb during the Cold War period in the late 1950’s and 1960’s

Few aircraft have ever turned heads like the prototype Vulcan, known initially as the Avro Type 698. On its maiden flight from Woodford, it literally stopped the traffic in the towns and villages on the Cheshire plain.

In 1952 Avro’s chief test pilot, Roly Falk, amazingly performed a perfect barrell roll with the giant delta wing bomber over Avro’s production factory at Woodford. In the late 1950’s the aircraft underwent a complete wing redesign resulting in the final development of the Vulcan – the B.MK2. Painted in a dramatic anti flash white paint the ‘V bombers’ were on a four minute warning with crews stationed very near the aircraft, many of which were in the Midlands.

From the mid sixties the Vulcan excelled in several new roles including low level flying, nuclear strike and maritime reconnaissance resulting in a move to the camouflage paint scheme.
In 1969 responsibility for Britain’s nuclear deterrent was handed over to the Royal Navy’s Polaris Submarines.

During the Falklands campaign in 1982 a specially adapted Vulcan, with in-flight refuelling capability, flew the famous ‘Black Buck’ mission, bombing Argentinian held Port Stanley airfield. This became the longest ever non-stop bombing mission from the RAF base on Ascension Island.

The East Midlands Aeropark Vulcan

XM575 was the second Vulcan B2 Blue Steel aircraft to be fitted with upgraded Olympus 301 engines. It was delivered to No 617 (Dambuster) Squadron in May 1963 which then became part of the Sccampton Wing. The aircraft was converted to free-fall mode in the autmun 0f 1969 and returnd back to squadron. During 1970 XM575 was stationed at Waddington then returning to S617 squadron at Scampton. In March 1974 the aircraft was moved to Waddington and allocated to Squadron 101 in May 1975 and then to No. 50 Squadron. In June 1978. XM575 was moved for the last time when it joined the No 44 Squadron and it’s their colours the aircraft displays today.
On the 28th October 1982 XM575 was honoured by being asked to take part in the Falklands Victory fly-past over London. Three months later the aircraft flew its last flight, landing here at the Airport in 1983 and was given the civil registration G-BLMC.

Bolsover Castle "Terrace" B&W

Bolsover Castle "Terrace"

The History of Bolsover Castle

Bolsover occupies the hilltop site of a medieval fortress built by the Peverel family. The wealthy Sir Charles Cavendish - who already owned several other great mansions, including one only a few miles away -bought the old fortress in 1612 and began work on his Little Castle project. His son William - playboy, poet, courtier and later Civil War Royalist general and first Duke of Newcastle - inherited the Little Castle in 1617 and set about its completion, assisted by the architect John Smythson. What resulted was a kind of 'toy keep', housing tiers of luxurious staterooms. The exquisitely carved fireplaces, and richly-coloured murals and panelling of its miraculously preserved and beautifully restored interiors still take the visitor on an allegorical journey from earthly concerns to heavenly (and erotic) delights.

William also added the vast and stately Terrace Range overlooking the Vale of Scarsdale, now a dramatic roofless shell. To show off his achievement, in 1634 he invited King Charles I and his court to Love's Welcome to Bolsover, a masque specially written by Ben Jonson for performance in the Fountain Garden. Finally he constructed the cavernous Riding House with its magnificent roof and viewing galleries, among the finest surviving indoor riding schools in the country and a landmark in British equestrianism: here he indulged his passion for training great horses in stately dressage.

The Venus Fountain, with 23 new statues, plays again for the first time in centuries, and the 'Caesar paintings' commissioned by Cavendish and depicting Roman emperors and empresses have also returned to Bolsover.

Alone in a crowd

Alone in a crowd

Taken in the Old Market Square in Nottingham

Elegant Gossip

Elegant Gossip

Taken at Bestwood Lodge Hotel in Nottingham

Storm Troopers V Bobbies

Storm Troopers V Bobbies

Nottingham Riverside Festival 2007. A most unusual sight 2 Star Wars Stormtroopers looking as if on patrol watching 2 Nottingham police constables who were on patrol. Both were wearing black & white and helmeted. The police constables were unarmed where the storm troopers were carrying weapons. 2 completely contrasting sets of indiviuals.


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