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Last weeks was a special week for me. Not only did I celebrate my birthday but also my 20th wedding anniversary.

I can not believe that Colin and I married 20 years ago. Where has the time gone?

I also celebrated my friends David and Louise who married on the very same day as I and Colin.

Also was my grandfather's 95th birthday. The family held a small party for him. 25 people in his tiny flat was a bit of a squeeze but it was brilliant to see all my family again. We really should get together more for good things like birthday celebrations. There have really been far too many sad occasions recently for us.

One of the high spots of my birthday was the amazing greetings, blessings and felicitations from my many friends and most importantly, you my f-list. Thank you all so very much your gifts and messages are greatly appreciated.

My special thanks go to [ profile] tarlanx [ profile] wild7orchid [ profile] chootoy [ profile] exa777 for their messages
[ profile] selenic76 [ profile] sgamadison for their messages and pictures.
And to [ profile] aadarshinah for your virtual gift. Thank you also to [ profile] brumeier for the John & Rodney picture. I love it.

[ profile] ami_venis writing me a 300 word drabble. I love your drabbles, thank you.

And finally a thank you for my birthday tweet to David Hewlett

Thank you all so very, very much
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