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Over recent months there has been a lot of changes with Live Journal and one of those changes has been with the scrapbook. Many users have had to find other locations to store their photographs and artwork which has also lead to problems with sharing the image and coding.

My journals at Live Journal and Dreamwidth centres around photography and more importantly my photographs themselves. I do not store my photographs on Live Journal I use instead Flickr.

Flickr is an image and video hosting website with online communities and was created in 2004 and aquired by Yahoo a year later. It is a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and other social media. SO this site is actually ideal for storing your images to use on LJ or DW.

There are two kinds of accounts on Flickr, the standard free account that allows users up to a maximum of 200 stored photographs and 300 MB of images and two videos per month upload limit.

The other account is the paid Pro Account that costs $24.95 /£16.00 a year and allows users to upload an unlimited number of images and videos every month and receive unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Recently after reading a post from a member of my f-list and a little persuasion from her I have composed below some information on how to share your images for those who may have or maybe considering using Flickr as their photo storage site.

If you have your account set up to share with other sites you will have the options of where to share the image. You can change the settings in your account pages under Sharing and Editing

share and extend

Click into the photograph page

In total there are four ways to share an individual image.

1 Via the Actions/Share icons

Actions and Share menu

Above the photograph is the Actions/Share menu. If you have your account set up to share with other sites you will have the options of where to share the image and Twitter and Live Journal and email have icons already added to this menu. There is not an option for Dreamwidth at present.

Click on the icon for either Email, Twitter or LJ and a box will appear for you to add a title and /or description then click post.

This one is to share on Twitter


This one is to share on Live Journal


I use this option to post single images on to LJ or Twitter and import my journal entries into Dreamwidth

2 Via the Actions/Share menus

On this menu you have the other three options to share the image
Share this via: option gives you all the share sites available and all you have to do is click on the site you want. There is not an option for Dreamwidth at present.


A box will appear for you to add a title and /or description then click post

3 Via the Actions/Share menus

Grab the Link:option gives you the URL link which all you have to do is cut and paste into whatever document , page or email you wish.


4 Via the Actions/Share menus

Grab the HTML/BBCode This option give you the image html/bbcode which you can paste into your journal or blog pages in the html area. All the code is already created so you do not need to amend any details within the coding.


The html code is what I use when I post to Dreamwidth or want to have multiple images on a LJ post. I have not tried the BBcode.

Resizing images for html posting

This option also gives you the opportunity of sizing the image that will be posted to your blog/journal.

I always choose 500 x 334 so all the images on my journal are this size which is not too big or small. For this post however so everyone can see these help images I have chosen 640 x 384


All you do is click on the size you want and the html code will amend itself after that just cut and paste.

IF you choose a different size for any reason just remember to check what size it is before posting any other image as this sizing will automatically become default until you change it for all your images.

Well there you go. Should you have any problems just ask and I will try to help where I can



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